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4 Big Reasons Why Bloggers MUST Build An Email List

Ever feel like your to-do list as a blogger is never ending? I feel you. If only it were as simple as just publishing some fantastic content a few times a week! To be successful, you have to know how to protect your time, and steer clear of jumping on every bandwagon that you hear about.

But here’s the thing… As a blogger, your email list isn’t just a ‘nice to have’. It can be extremely valuable to your business, and if you haven’t already started building yours, then I definitely suggest that you make it a priority.

Here are four important reasons why bloggers should build an email list…

You can’t control what happens on social media

As bloggers, we all know the value of social media. We know that it can be a fantastic place to connect with our readers, network with other bloggers in our niche, and get more eyes on our content. Something that’s absolutely vital to remember here though is that we don’t own social media. We’re totally at the mercy of the people who do, and things can – and do – change overnight.

Let’s suppose that you’ve got a big following on Twitter, and it’s a big source of traffic for your blog. The algorithm could change overnight, and your reach could plummet. The network could disappear completely. It might not seem likely, but it’s definitely not out of the realms of possibility.

If you’re reliant on social media, then you’re essentially building a business on someone else’s land. When you have an email list though, you’re in the driving seat. You’re in control of how you communicate with your audience, and that’s a much stronger position to be in.

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You can form a deeper connection with your readers

There’s something that just feels quite intimate about receiving an email. On social media, it often feels like everyone is just broadcasting their message to anyone who will listen. Email seems much more personal, and more like a genuine conversation with your readers.

Another benefit here is that you can become a regular part of your audience’s ┬ároutine. When you publish something on social media, you’ve got no control over when it’s seen. When you send an email at the same time each week though, that’s exactly when it arrives.

Your readers might start their Monday mornings with you, getting fired up for the week ahead. Or you might decide that you want to check in with them on a Friday evening, when they’re ready to unwind for the weekend. It creates a deeper relationship that goes beyond Facebook or Twitter.

You can use it as a tool to drive traffic to your blog

Increasing your traffic is a constant challenge for any blogger. More visitors can have a direct impact on your earnings, and of course it’s natural to want to have people regularly checking in and consuming your content. If you’re sending a weekly email to your subscribers, then this can result in a weekly spike in traffic.

You can link to that new post that you’ve just published, and encourage them to check it out and leave a comment with their thoughts.

When you get started with email marketing for your blog, it’s always wise to sit down and think about exactly what you want to get out of it. Increasing your traffic is a great, tangible goal that you can be working towards.

You can effectively monetise an email list

We’ve already touched on how your email list can increase your traffic, and how that can be great for your earnings. The monetary benefits go beyond that though. When you’re working on collaborations with brands, remember that you have more to offer than a simple mention on your blog. You can create ‘bolt on’ options to allow them to reach a bigger portion of your readers. So for example, you could offer newsletter sponsorship to brands that you feel are a great fit.

This is often a really attractive prospect to businesses, for reasons that we’ve already covered. They know the value of getting people’s attention inside their inboxes, and they’re often willing to pay generous sums for that kind of access to your readership.

Remember too that your newsletters can be a good way to boost your affiliate earnings. If that’s something that you want to work on and build, then you could consider writing a newsletter that’s solely dedicated to promoting one of your key affiliates. It should go without saying, but the content should be genuinely useful and engaging, and not just a blatant advertisement! The potential profitability is huge, with research showing that for every $1 spent on email marketing, there’s a $38 return on investment.

So there we have it. As you can see, there are so many reasons why building an email list should be right at the top of your to do list.

If you’re working on this at the moment, how’s it going for you so far?

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