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How To Stand Out In A Saturated Blogging Niche

What if you’ve got a mad and burning passion to start writing in a saturated blogging niche? This is a question that I’ve been asked plenty of times recently, and let’s be honest here… It’s not really surprising.

More and more blogs are being created every single day, so it makes sense that there are certain topics that are being tackled over and over again. If you’re in this situation, then is it possible to really stand out and build a successful blogging business?

The straightforward answer here is that yes, this is more than possible. You just need to ensure that you have a strategy behind you that will allow you to grow and thrive. Here’s how to stand out in a saturated blogging niche…

Challenge your thinking around what this really means for you

If you’re already in the mindset of ‘this has been too many times before, and I’m too late to this party’, then you’ve allowed yourself to be beaten before you’ve even begun. I’m a big fan of being a realist, but let’s take a step back for a second here and consider what’s really likely to be going on if you’re looking at a saturated blogging niche.

If there are plenty of successful blogs out there on that subject, then it’s an excellent indicator that there’s a really appetite for content in that field, and that there are many ways to effectively monetise it. This is great news for you, and it should be a sign of the opportunities that could be waiting for you.

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Get really clear on the angle you’ll take

Before you start blogging, think about how you’ll tackle your subject and how you can differentiate from the very beginning. Let’s take a look at an example… Let’s suppose that you’re keen to start a blog about personal finance. There are tons out there already that talking about making and saving money, so what could your unique angle be?

You could decide to write about personal finance as a student, or in your 60s. You could niche right down and talk solely about couponing, which is something that Holly at UK Couponing has had great success with. You could focus on helping stay at home mums to manage their finances and earn extra cash from a side hustle, without having to sacrifice family time.

Consider where your passions and knowledge specifically lie, and don’t be scared to dive in and create your own angle on the big topics. This is really going to maximise your chances of standing out and bringing something new to the table.

Embrace the value of your own personal story and journey

Your own story can form a big part of your branding as a blogger, and it can often be powerful enough to set you apart from your peers. The key here is recognising it, owning it, and embracing it. Weaving it into your writing can give your readers something to really relate to, and they’ll often see themselves in your own personal story.

When you start going down this route, it also opens up a load of really unique content opportunities for you. Anyone can write some generic tips about how to pay off debt, for example, but only you can tell the story about how you did in just ten months, without giving up the little luxuries that you enjoy so much.

Adding a more personal element to your blog in this way can seem a little overwhelming, but it can be a great recipe for standing out in a saturated blogging niche and quickly gaining traction.

Treat your blog like a business from the very beginning

Bloggers who create the biggest amounts of success are undoubtedly the ones who treat it like a business from the very start. They know that things aren’t going to explode overnight, so they commit to their strategies for their longer term. They take learning seriously, and they invest in the things that are going to aid their growth.

Yes, there may be plenty of other blogs in your niche. But the reality is that the vast majority of them will come and go, as their owners decide that they’re bored or they just don’t want to continue. If you start your blog with a solid commitment to taking it the whole way, then you’re going to have a big competitive edge from the offset.

Succesful bloggers know that there will be challenges, and days when they want to throw in the towel. They know that it could take months or even years to build up a full time income or become recognised as a real expert voice in their subject area.

But they also know that a saturated niche doesn’t have to stop them in their tracks, and that they can still create a business that will go from strength to strength. There’s never been a better time to start than today.

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